32 Free High Quality Blur Backgrounds

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Blur backgrounds in web design become more trendy and getting popularity for several year. There are 32 free blurred background out there which are great to use as website backgrounds and also sweet to use on your desktop as wallpaper. Use these high quality blurry backgrounds in website design is a new trend growing among web designers.

It’s important that you view the graphic artists licensing terms and agreements before you consider using these blur backgrounds for commercial use.

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Beautiful Blur Backgrounds

Blur backgrounds are great to represent season’s feeling to any web or print related project. It also comes in handy for your creative banner, header or print projects. Available in high resolution and plenty of color variations.

Here are 32 free high quality Blur Backgrounds to use for your website or app. Enjoy!

NOTE: Download File available at end of the post.

Blur Background #1

blue backgrounds-1

Blur Background #2

blue backgrounds-2

Blur Background #3

blue backgrounds-3

Blur Background #4

blue backgrounds-4

Blur Background #5

blue backgrounds-5

Blur Background #6

blue backgrounds-6

Blur Background #7

blue backgrounds-7
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Blur Background #8

blue backgrounds-8

Blur Background #9

blue backgrounds-9

Blur Background #10

blue backgrounds-10

Blur Background #11

blue backgrounds-11

Blur Background #12

blue backgrounds-12
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vkonnect Feb 20, 2013

It is very difficult to find plain backgrounds specially with blur effects. Awesome post!

Norwich Designer Feb 20, 2013

I sometimes use blurry backgrounds as placeholders for images in web designs. They’re also good for use as big billboard-style headers on websites, a short piece of text or a heading in a nice font can stand out on a blurry background. It’s a great substitute for actual pictures.

If you’re worried about copyright, they’re easy to make – just take some random pictures on any camera or phone and blur them massively in Photoshop! Add a little bit of noise if banding occurs.

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