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By March 9th, 2011 Texture

A good collection of patterns and textures is an invaluable asset for any designer. However when it comes to finding the right pattern or texture; one can easily spend hours searching for it.

Background pattern designs can be simply repetition of simple stipes or polka-dots, others can be more complicated with complex combination of images and colors. A pattern designs must go with the overall style of the website, or it could be rather distractvie and annoying.

We have collected the following 100+ abstract pattern and texture designs for website background. Best of all, they are all free to use. What are you waiting for? Use them on your website and give a whole new feeling to your visitors.

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Background Pattern Designs: 100+ Hi-Qty Pattern Designs For Website Background
Background Pattern Designs: 100+ Hi-Qty Pattern Designs For Website Background
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Dzineblog360 Mar 14, 2011

to make your design good you have to opt for these patterns for sure

inspirationfeed Mar 28, 2011

Great resource!

Samual Garaventa Mar 31, 2011

This blog has lots of very helpful information on it! Thank you for informing me.

Brett Widmann May 12, 2011

These are really nice patterns and textures! Thanks for sharing this great group.

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