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Tips To Make Graduation Announcements

The time when one completes his or her graduation is really an exciting instance. It is as well a time when one wants to share with everybody and this can be easily done by Making graduation announcements. Though, purchasing them could be quite costly and if you make them then it will feel overwhelming. No, there is no need to worry because you are able to print graduation announcements by yourself at home without much effort.


Things You Will Require For Making Graduation Announcements

You will require a computer along with a publishing application installed, such as Word, Paint, Publisher or Photoshop, and also a printer, card stock and ink. You’ll as well need stamps and envelopes so that you can post them. In addition, you’ll need a pair of paper cutter and scissors. If you wish to be imaginative and want to add an individualized touch then you will require confetti, paper cutters, gel pens and some crafting tools/supplies.

Make Your Design


First, you have to decide that what will be the size of your announcement. The 1/3 design is very common and is small as well as feels good, which also fits in normal envelopes. You then have to cut all the papers in thirds while they’re done with printing. This is to be done at lines, which you will utilize to bend the papers in thirds. One more alternative is to print 2 per page then fold those papers in half. This gives a good look, but requires to be both sided. Other alternative is printing 4/page and cutting those this way. This will also fits in a normal sized envelope if folded in half.

Steps To Make the Design

  • To make your design you’ll need to run the application of the publishing program.
  • Using graphics, pictures, texts and word art, you can easily create your own design.
  • While designing, you have to keep the size of your envelope in your mind.
  • Add 1 or 2 pictures or graphics.
  • Add heading by using word art.
  • Finish by providing all the details of yours.
  • Confirm that it appeals your eyes and is easy to understand and read. 

Double Check Your Design

Do not forget to double check your design to make certain that all the info have been provided properly. This will depend upon whether you’re just Making graduation announcements or you are as well inviting them to your graduation party. If you’re inviting them then don’t forget to add the location of your party i.e. address of the place where party will be held.

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